Barking Basics Odour-Neutralising Vanilla Candle

Barking Basics Odour-Neutralising Vanilla Candle

Brand: Barking Basics by Haus of Harley
Product Code: HOH-AC-BBS-00003
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Price: $20.00

Our Barking Basics candle range has been hand-crafted from high-quality Australian soy wax and lasts up to 50% longer than candles made of petroleum-based parafin wax.

These discreet, elegant candles are non-toxic and therefore less likely to trigger allergies in your four-legged BFF! Our candles also features an eco-friendly wooden wick which crackles and flutters just like a fireplace when burning.

Designed specially with an odour-neutralising ingredient for targeting and eliminating doggy smells, the candles have a burn-time of approximately 40 hours.

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