Barking Basics Pet First Aid Kit

Barking Basics Pet First Aid Kit

Brand: Barking Basics by Haus of Harley
Product Code: HOH-FA-00002
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The HAUS OF HARLEY PET FIRST AID KIT is perfect for those seeking a straightforward, easy-to-use First Aid Kit for pets.

The kit is inexpensive and suitable for treating minor issues such as cuts and scratches yourself or for assisting in managing more major incidents and stabilising your pet until proper veterinary care can be obtained.

The compact and lightweight nature of the kit also makes it ideal for taking on walks, car trips, holidays, camping or the beach! You name it!

Ensure your pet is protected no matter where you are or what the situation!

Measures: Width 17cm x Height 12 cm


4 x Alcohol Sterilisation Wipes
4 x Iodine Antiseptic Wipes
2 x 3pk Gauze Pads
2 x Saline Ampules
1 x 5cm Conforming Bandage
1 x Micropore Tape
1 x Latex Gloves
1 x Forcep Tweezers
1 x Scissors
1 x Emergency Lead
1x Reference Guide for Emergency situations (including space for you to write your Veterinary provider details)
1 x First Aid Kit Bag

NB: No First Aid Kit is ever a substitute for proper training. Please always seek proper Veterinary care where appropriate.

Whilst we like to keep our product consistent we may - on rare occasions - substitute the brand of internal items but the overall content and quality will remain the same.

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