About the Haus of Harley Dogwear brand


The brand

Haus of Harley is a dog lifestyle brand providing exceptional quality dogwear and accessories to fashion-forward hounds and their two-legged mates since 2012.

Our trend-inspired designer dog collars and leads are sought after by pups from Toronto to Tokyo for their durability, functionality and affordability, and are regularly featured in online and print publications.

Of course, there’s more to our range than just collars and leads and we’re committed to designing the best dog lifestyle accessories - including beds, apparel, harnesses, pop-up travel bowls and pet first aid kits - to keep your hound in stylish comfort every step of the way.

Life with dogs is pretty awesome so spend some quality time together and let us make sure that your four-legged BFF’s accessories are just as amazing as they are!


HOH was born from the desire to lavish our adopted beagle Harley with everything she had gone without during her puppyhood in a commercial dog breeding facility - known more commonly as a "puppy mill".

These days, Harley loves nothing more than to curl up and sleep in a warm place or to spend time outdoors. She is a very affectionate girl and likes to know that we are close by. Like a typical beagle, Harley is very food-motivated and can be taught just about anything - for the right treat.

Harley's is a life of contrast - evidence of both the cruelty and suffering of puppy mills and of the extraordinary work done by rescue organisations all around the world. Despite her beginnings, Harley has so much love and happiness to offer that when it came time to name our business, there was only ever really one choice.

We are proud to live in the Haus of Harley.

The Haus of Harley Dogwear team - Ryan and Wayne - in the Martin Place pop-up shop December 2016


The team

When Harley was adopted, doting dads Ryan and Wayne wanted to give her everything she had gone without during her time in the puppy mill - love, good quality food, a warm bed and some cool accessories - but found it difficult to search out on-trend, quality items within their budget. Why not do it ourselves? they thought and Haus of Harley became the first designer dogwear brand to forge a presence in the Australian pet industry through non-traditional retail channels such as boutique markets, design and fashion fairs, casual leasing and pop-up shops.

Several years (and several more dogs) later, HOH is highly sought after for quality, innovative products and, on-trend original designs. Whilst the core team is still out there at the markets meeting the dogs each week, HOH has expanded its reach to boutique retailers across Australia and internationally. The team are also passionate about animal welfare and regularly support local pounds, independent rescues and other animal charities both with their time and products - making Haus of Harley a lifestyle brand you can be proud to own.

With 20 years experience working for one of Australia's most prolific retailers, Ryan combines his skills in information management, design and visual merchandising with Wayne's countless years of customer service, avid fashion blogging and amateur photography to create a brand both you and your four-legged mates will love.

For Press inquiries please contact press@hausofharley.com